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Rosilene Cardoso

Rosilene Cardoso

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Hi, I am Rosilene Cardoso. I was born with polycystic kidney disease. Four years ago,, I received the difficult news that my kidneys were failing. At the same time, I found out I had two aneurysms. I thank God that both brain surgeries were successful and experienced no deficits.

Throughout this journey, I've remained positive and focused on the things that matter most to me. I worked as a nanny caring for a family with kids with disabilities and an elderly woman. It brought me immense joy to support others.

In the same month I started dialysis, I became a grandmother for the first time to a beautiful baby girl. Austyn. God knows what he does. My son has another baby now. They are my joy.

I am sad sometimes because dialysis is taking a toll. The nine and 1/2 hour process overnight is sometimes painful and always stressful. I monitor everything I eat to maintain myself as healthy as possible to avoid any complications.

A kidney transplant from a living donor would change my life. It would give me the opportunity to have more energy to take care of my grandchildren and see them grow.

Your generosity could make a profound difference in my life and the lives of those I love.

I am asking for your help. Please share my story. Your support means everything to me.

I would be grateful if you shared this page.

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