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The Great Social Experiment took years to make and was completely funded by me without sponsors. If you appreciate my work and want to support my ability to do more, please consider donating. No amount is too small. Thank you!


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The are a few ways you can support patients. 

1) Register to be a deceased organ donor. 

2) While some patients have a willing living donor, many do not. A really effective way you can help those that don't is by sharing their story. I know it sounds strange, but most donors say "No one asked me to donate, I was inspired when I heard their story." 

To help them, I have created a free web tool which gives patients their own "Microsite" or unique URL to help them share their story. Those currently registered can be seen by clicking the button below. Feel free to to share their stories on your own social media. It makes a BIG difference.

3) Being a living donor is a personal decision. If you're inspired to give the gift of life, each profile will have a personal email address and transplant center. If you want to learn more about the donation process first, perhaps start by contacting their transplant center.

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