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Kenneth Givens

Kenneth Givens

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Kenny A.K.A Kenny Gee the “gentle “King” giant is a sweet, intelligent US Army 82nd Airborne Ranger and Mechanical Engineer injured in service to our country. Kenny Gee is in immediate need of a LIVE Kidney Donor in order to live, now. Kenny is from Connecticut and was a Staples High School (Westport, CT) football Tight End. He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering ASME. He lives in Rowayton, CT and is funny and loves to laugh! He is a #VintageMuscleCar collector, #Nascar, #Aviation enthusiast, #70’srockmusic lover, #Electricguitarplayer, and believer in #FAITH! Kenny loves animals, especially kittens, lambs and lions, he is gentle and kind. He has the #Needforspeed and loves jets, planes and choppers. He is enrolled in a second degree program at the esteemed Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach in Aeronautical Science. Kenny flew “Hueys” in the 82nd Airborne Ranger Unit overseas and is a decorated #Veteran with meritorious service. We are grateful for you taking the time to share the word about Kenny’s immediate need for a live kidney donor! Thanks for reading and sharing! Maybe you will consider live donation? It is an honor to help Kenny! Thanks again!
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