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Karl Krueger

Karl Krueger

See If You Are Eligible To Donate

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Learn more about living donation here

Hello, I am Karl Krueger....husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather. Retired from working 40 years assembling Mercury boat motors. Vintage cars, travelling and golf "nut". In June 2019 regular lab work was year later Stage 4 Kidney Failure. After much testing and a biopsy no reason was found for the failure.

My doctor suggested live donor transplant. Currently not on dialysis but will not be far off.

My coordinator at UW said I would have to find the donor. I have run ads in local papers, on internet, passed out flyers, magnetic message on my vehicle. I had a donor found through the share program, however one week before surgery one of the participants dropped out.

So now I am putting up this site and hoping someone out there will come forward. I want to get back to my life and start doing the things I like to do again.

I would be grateful if you shared this page.

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