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Joseph Santoli

Joseph Santoli

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Hi! My name is Joe Santoli, and I'm in urgent need of a living donor kidney transplant. I’m 65 years old and went into complete kidney failure in October of 2019. I'm so fortunate to have a loving wife and two sons — they are my world — but unfortunately, they aren't able to donate. Though I take care of myself and am a good transplant candidate, I would be lying if I said years of dialysis haven't taken a toll on my body. And more important, my ability to be there for my family. How I miss being active with them, and working! I'm an attorney, and believe it or not, used to do pro bono work for dialysis patients. I'd love to get back to that, travel freely, and feel healthy and productive again! I'm registered at two transplant centers, but my donor can reside anywhere!

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