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Jeanne Skipwith

Jeanne Skipwith

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Hello, I’m Jeanne Skipwith. I’m on Peritoneal Dialysis because my kidneys were damaged from very prolonged use of Lithium, in the 1980s and 1990s, the doctors didn’t know how to treat me so they added lithium; it damaged my kidneys! I do an afternoon treatment and overnight treatment every day. It’s very intrusive and cumbersome for me. I’m waiting on a kidney transplant and thought peritoneal dialysis was more gentler than hemodialysis. I suffered from mental illness for a very long time and graduated from a mental health facility. Then, I worked for several years at a law firm in a clerical capacity. I’m 67 years old and a native Houstonian. My mental illness is in remission, and I’m stable under my current psychiatrist and therapist. I would love to have a kidney donor and have found out it’s very successful and not that painful!

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