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Elizabeth Hayner

Elizabeth Hayner

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My name is Elizabeth Hayner. I'm 72 years old, a retired bookkeeper and caregiver. I am in urgent need of a kidney transplant.

Due to PKD, a genetic kidney disorder, I went into complete renal failure 2 years ago. Two years of dialysis have taken a large toll on my body and my ability to live a quality life. Even though dialysis makes me weak, I try to walk twenty minutes a day and eat healthy. I miss volunteering for my church, subbing for my local school district and having fun with my friends and family. I love helping others. But unfortunately, now I'm the one who needs your help.

A transplant from a living donor would give me another chance at life. I want to move upstate to be with my family and to be able to travel freely without having to worry about where I'm going to receive dialysis. I want to resume volunteering and feel normal again.

My friends, family and church have been very supportive and for that I feel so blessed. I would be so grateful if you shared my story. I could really use your help. Thank you.

I would be grateful if you shared this page.

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