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Blake Patterson

Blake Patterson

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Hi, I am Blake. I was born with Prune Belly Syndrome- a rare congenitally acquired disorder -cause problems in the urinary tract & kidneys. I had only one functioning kidney & received transplant at 3 yrs old. When I was 12 yrs old, scar tissue started to slip behind my belly, so I had surgery. It was 2009 & the Swine Flu outbreak. My surgeon passed the virus to me. They had to induce a coma to save me. After 30 days in a coma, my one kidney started to fail. I received a transplant that year. It was the PERFECT match & we were the SUPERSTAR patients at Johns Hopkins! (me and my dear deceased donor's organ) We have been healthy up until 2023. At the urging of my physicians, I reluctantly accepted the "you-know-which one" vaccine. Exactly two months later, my "superstar" kidney was dead.
I have been on dialysis for the past year. With no kidneys, it's very hard on my body. Dialysis gives me high blood pressure & leg cramps making it hard to walk. I was a born a preemie, so it's hard on my lungs too. This week I was put on Oxygen. I have no quality of life. I want to return to being a 26 year old. I need a donor asap. Please consider getting tested. If you don't match me, you might match someone else. Your one kidney could end up saving multiple lives! God Bless!

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