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TGSE is proud to partner with the incredibly generous folks at

STEP 1 Generate Your QR Code here

1) Add your unique microsite web address here. 

2) Drag slider to 1000

3) Change Background to black and Dots to white.

4) Download

STEP 2Test Your QR Code With Your Phone. Make sure it links back to your microsite. 

STEP 3Get Your Shirt here.  For design assistance call 888-487-4478

4) Upload your QR Code and place it where the old one was. You can resize it fit nicely.

5) Save and enter
your own email.

2) Replace text with your name.

3) Remove this template QR Code

1) Click "Switch Sides" to view the backside of the t-shirt.

STEP 4Contact to request a unique one-time coupon code to complete the purchase.  888-487-4478 |

STEP 5Apply the coupon code at checkout.

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