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Anita Chadha

Anita Chadha

See If You Are Eligible To Donate

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My name is Anita Chadha and I live with my husband in Texas.

I have an auto immune disease that has damaged my kidneys and I am in need of a new kidney. I would very much like to avoid going on dialysis, as it’s extremely debilitating.

My husband already donated one of his kidneys 9 years ago to me and hence he cannot be a donor. We don’t have kids or immediate family with eligible donors ; almost all of our relatives live outside the US and hence I am reaching out to you and other friends in my efforts to look for a living kidney donor.

I am in the education field and it gives me immense satisfaction to teach undergrads at the university where I am employed. I am a very fit individual who likes to walk a lot every day. Other than this auto immune disease, I have no other health issues and I live an extremely healthy and active life.

I am looking for an angel who can give me the gift of life by donating one of their kidneys. A new kidney will help me continue to educate university students and to lead an active, healthy and normal life.

I would be extremely grateful if you shared my story. Thank you.

I would be grateful if you shared this page.

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