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A microsite gives you a free unique web address with all your relevant information in one place to help you share your story. Here is an example.

If you don't have one, finding a living donor can seem daunting. The dreaded "ask" right? But experts say that In all likelihood, your living donor will find you! That when asked, donors say, "No one asked me to donate, I was inspired when I heard their story." 

How do you tell your story? Here is a free video series by a two-time living kidney recipient which explains just that. It's short, informative, and will change your life. 

To create your free microsite, just fill out the fields below. There's a video feature (the youtube link).
Use it. Spoken words are so powerful. Upload a video to youtube and paste its link there. Not sure how to do that? Watch this.

For this video and your text story:

  1. Describe your condition.

  2. Then perhaps a little relevant history.

  3. Say how you're taking care of yourself.

  4. Explain how a kidney would make a big difference in your life.

  5. And close by asking people to share your story.

This should NOT be an emotional plea for people to donate to you. That's implied. What's important is that people share your story. Talk from your heart, be positive, and keep your video under two minutes.

For the photo, consider using a family pic (not too many people) or one with a pet. Those work best. ;-) 

In addition, we are working with a t-shirt vendor to get each of you five free t-shirts to support your campaign. Completely free —shipping included — when you create a microsite. The shirts will have a unique QR code directing people back to your microsite.

The whole purpose of this is to help you. No caveats, no fine print, no selling your information to third parties. Just to help you for as long as you need it.

Once you don't need it anymore or just want to have your site taken down,
you can request that via an email here

Upload Cover Photo


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By signing this form, you give permission for this site to publish the information provided to help you campaign for a living donor.  

Click and draw on signature field.

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